Juliana of Nowich

The mystic of Joy

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A cura di Giuliana Vittoria Fantuz

Data di pubblicazione: 27/07/2018

Pagine: 163

Prezzo: € 10,00

Language: It

Isbn: 978-88-266-0149-6


► In this volume, the author proposes a selection of texts taken from Revelations of Divine Love (Rivelazioni dell’Amore Divino), the book written at the end of the 13th century by Juliana of Norwich. Juliana is one of the great English Christian mystics of the time, today acclaimed also as a theologian. Her words, written during a period of social unrest and civil disorders, talks of love and the mercy of God, of values of hope and fidelity. Her message can be perfectly adapted to our times. In a world that is going through lot of upheavals, with threats of war, in which the society seems to lack precise values, Juliana’s words filled with love, mercy and faithfulness to God, fills us once again with lot of hope and courage.


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