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Autore: Rinaldo Iacopino

Data di pubblicazione: 15/06/2018

Pagine: 202

Prezzo: € 20,00

Language: It

Isbn: 978-88-266-0136-6


► The Mother of God is the one who contains all the ministry of Christ so as to be considered the beginning and the end, "the alpha and the omega", of the same liturgical celebration. This leads back to the fundamental role that Mary occupies in the history of salvation and which continues to extend in the liturgy of the Church, as the traditional "Lex orandi, lex credendi" wants.
This volume can be counted among modern studies aimed at the progress of ecumenical dialogue. In fact, it allows us to know more about that cult of the Eastern Church that is at the origins of our own Western liturgy. Love and the celebration of the Mother of God remains as an imperishable part of the common heritage that unites the Church of the East and the West.
Another reason that characterizes the importance of this work is the author's authority as a living voice of the Catholic Church of the Byzantine rite in Italy. It is a millennial presence sometimes forgotten by most. The prayers that can be read and prayed here are those that are sung in the Italian Byzantine churches, a national heritage that should be rediscovered and re-evaluated.


Rinaldo Iacopino, a Marianist priest of the Greek-Byzantine rite. He completed his studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute obtaining a doctorate in Oriental Ecclesiastical Sciences with a specialization in Liturgy. Currently he is a lecturer at the same Institute and the Pontifical Universities Urbaniana and Marianum. Since 2015 he is Consultor of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and in 2017 he was appointed Archimandrite.


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