Reading ideas for All Saints' Day

Published : 10/30/2020 11:25:28
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Reading ideas for All Saints' Day

On the occasion of All Saints' Day, which celebrates the memory and glory of all saints, we propose a selection of our titles dedicated to some figures who have marked the history of the Church.

One of the last titles to come out is "Giovanni XXIII. Il miracolo della bontà" of the scholar Gunnar Riebs. It has a preface by Cardinal Angelo Comastri and collects several testimonies about the life and magisterium of Pope Roncalli. The volume retraces the work of John XXIII, a great man, known by all as the good, simple, modest and affectionate Pope throughout his life. The reference collection is "Testimonies", a space in which the publisher collects the biographies and history of evangelical witnesses and martyrs, figures who lived in communion and lived their lives in the love of Christ and with trust in the Holy Spirit who unites us all. Always within the same series it is worth mentioning "Margherita Bays. PEr diventare Santi basta amare" Martial Python. As can be seen from the same title, the text retraces the story of Magherita Bays, a very appreciated seamstress, born and lived in the 19th century in Switzerland in the countryside of Fribourg. The figure of Margaret is an example of secular mysticism, a Franciscan tertiary, which enjoyed great popularity among the faithful. A woman perfectly capable of achieving a deep union with God while remaining, at the same time, totally inserted in social and community life (starting with her family) and loving every single neighbour without measure!

"Holiness is the most beautiful face of the Church," wrote Pope Francis in Gaudete et exultate (GE, 9). Our collection "Life in the Spirit" collects the input launched by the Holy Father and was born with the aim of proposing the stories and writings of those who in their lives have transformed the apparent banality of every day into a history of salvation and blessing. It is composed of numerous texts and it is really difficult to propose two that can accompany the reading of these days.

The volume by Monsignor Felice Accrocca, Metropolitan Archbishop of Benevento, entitled "Francesco ieri e oggi. Vita e attualità del Santo di Assisi", is certainly very topical. Life and topicality of the Saint of Assisi. It contains a collection of articles published by him in L'Osservatore Romano which, starting from the words and gestures of Pope Francis, deal with the historical and spiritual personality of the Saint from whom he took his name, Francis of Assisi, and the history of the religious family which from his experience originated. The examination that is made of the figure of the Saint goes beyond the anecdotal and devotional with particular attention to his exceptional personality.

A volume that speaks of love, God's mercy and values such as hope and fidelity is "Giuliana di Norwich. La mistica della gioia" edited by the journalist Giuliana Fantuz. She proposes a selection of excerpts from "Revelations of Divine Love" the book written at the end of the fourteenth century by Giuliana of Norwich. Giuliana is an English mystic considered one of the greatest mystical figures in history, today acclaimed as a theologian. Her words were written at a time of social malaise and civil unrest. Her loving message is perfectly suited to our times and to a world that is going through upheavals and seems to lack precise values.

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