"Olotropoia" the new book by Gabriele Maria Corini

Published : 12/21/2020 13:43:43
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"Olotropoia" the new book by Gabriele Maria Corini

a journey centred on the verbs of Christian familiarity such as listening, loving, forgiving

"Olotropia" is the title of the new volume published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana and written by Gabriele Maria Corini

The Holy Father gave it to the Curia on the occasion of Holy Christmas 2020

"Olotropia. I verbi della familiarità cristiana" by Gabriele Maria Corini is the volume published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana - Dicastero per la Comunicazione della Santa Sede that Pope Francis chose to give to the Roman Curia on the occasion of Holy Christmas 2020.

The book is part of the Inspirations series (Spirituality section) and has a preface by Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins, and an afterword by Matteo Maria Zuppi, Metropolitan Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna.

In these pages, after a presentation of the emerging anthropological question and of the Christian familiarity generated by the Eucharistic communion, the verbs that characterize this familiarity on a daily basis are recalled, as a possibility given to rediscover the revealed truth about man, which certainly does not deny the different dimensions that distinguish him, such as biological, social and spiritual, but accords them in a harmonious and holotropic vision. The term comes from the Greek ʽòlos, "totality" and trepèin "to move towards", so it could be understood as "to go towards totality". The verbs of Christian familiarity represent the fundamental actions and attitudes of human relationships such as listening, loving, forgiving, but enlightened by the Word of Christ and by his mystery of death and resurrection, so that in the experience of life each one of us may thus discover his or her high dignity as a creature loved by the Lord to the point of being made a son or daughter in the Son.

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