"Candor Lucis æternæ", the words of Pope Francis to Dante Alighieri

Published : 03/25/2021 14:46:22
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"Candor Lucis æternæ", the words of Pope Francis to Dante Alighieri

"Candor Lucis æternæ", Pope Francis celebrates Dante Alighieri with an Apostolic Letter given on the 7th Centenary of his death in which he retraces the main features of the life and work of the Supreme Poet.

For Francis, the figure of Dante, prophet of hope and witness to the human desire for happiness, is more relevant today than ever before. His message can and must make us aware of what we are and what we live day by day; his humanism - the Pontiff highlights - "is still valid and current and can certainly be a point of reference for what we want to build in our time" (pg. 41).

The cultural, religious and moral treasure contained in his works - in this particular moment of history marked by shadows and pain - makes Dante a prophet of hope, a witness to the human desire for happiness: "he can help us to advance with serenity and courage in the pilgrimage of life and faith that we are all called to make, until our hearts have found true peace and true joy, until we reach the ultimate goal of all humanity, 'the love that moves the sun and the other stars' (par. XXXIII, 145)". (p. 45).

“Candor Lucis æternæ. Lettera Apostolica in occasione del VII Centenario della morte di Dante Alighieri” is available in Italian, Spanish, English and French.

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