A little book for Lent!

Published : 02/16/2021 11:18:55
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A little book for Lent!

The Lent is a liturgical period of 40 days preceding Easter, a time when Christians prepare themselves with prayers, liturgical celebrations, moments of reflection, acts of penance and above all with gestures of attention and love towards their neighbour.

A small book, designed to accompany us along this journey of faith, which begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday, is "Il Signore è risorto! Con Papa Francesco verso la Pasqua". A collection of thoughts by Pope Francis selected to offer the possibility to meditate on the meaning of life and the mystery of the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the preface, Cardinal Angelo Comastri urges us to look inside our feelings and invites us to "remove from our hearts some clods of wickedness" (p. 8) such as pride and selfishness. His words make it possible to reflect and try to give an answer to the question: "what is the first indispensable step that brings us closer to God and makes us righteous before Him?" (p. 8). "The first step for a truly Christian life," His Eminence reminds us, "is the step of charity" (pg. 8). Charity has various expressions: 'it is the polite greeting we must exchange when we meet; [...] charity is putting in a good word at the right time and we can all do that; charity is defusing tensions: [...] charity is to put others in a good light by looking at the positive rather than the negative; [...] charity is to refuse categorically any backbiting; charity is to refuse to speak ill behind the backs of others; [...] charity is to recognise the good done by others by overcoming all forms of envy which is widespread and so harmful; charity is to do one's own work well [...]; charity is the benevolent gaze with which we must all look at each other." Charity must therefore be a way of life that guides everything we do.

The invitation contained in Pope Francis' words is to open our hearts to God's love and mercy. The book contains photos of the Holy Father taken by Vatican Media photographers and is closed by a page where you can write your own prayer or reflection for Lent.

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