A book on the Macerata-Loreto Pilgrimage

Published : 02/05/2021 12:53:16
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A book on the Macerata-Loreto Pilgrimage

"Gli “squilli” di Francesco. Il Papa e il Pellegrinaggio a piedi Macerata-Loreto" is a book edited by Daniela Fabiani. The experience of the Macerata-Loreto pilgrimage has always been considered a unique and iconic moment of encounter. An all-night journey that sees its most evocative moment in the Montereale descent. It is an appointment that lives in the hearts of thousands of pilgrims because it is made up of great spiritual recollection and moments of great introspection and emotion for all those who participate.

Since June 2013 there has been a particularly eagerly awaited appointment for those taking part in the Macerata-Loreto Pilgrimage on foot: it is the telephone call from Pope Francis who, with his simple "good evening", begins a brief but intense dialogue with those present. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the Pilgrimage was held in virtual form at Loreto, but the Holy Father did not want to miss his appointment, stressing the need to witness to all the hope and courage of faith. The book intends to recount, through the words of the protagonists, the unfolding over the years of this story of 'friendship' between a father and his children. The text contains the Pope's telephone conversations and many of the messages subsequently sent by pilgrims to the Macerata-Loreto Pilgrimage Committee. The testimony that emerges is of a paternity that is not only supportive of the night-time journey, but is a comfort for the journey of life of which the pilgrimage is a paradigm. Because: "All life is a pilgrimage", the Pope has repeatedly reminded us.

The work is part of our "Volti" series. It is not a container of biographies, because each person is a "face" and a unicum: the series therefore reveals itself as a cultural space dedicated to the facts from which people emerge, their events, their ideals, their relationships, their being-dono for the life of the Church and the world.

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