We have implemented the new website!

Published : 11/18/2020 09:53:55
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We have implemented the new website!

In order to be increasingly avant-garde and respond to the challenges of the contemporary world, Libreria Editrice Vaticana is implementing the new website by introducing, for those who surf, the possibility of accessing new and old titles on the platform https://shop.aer.io/libreriaeditricevaticana with a click. The aim of LEV's presence in aer.io's showcase is to reach more and more readers and to spread, translated into the main languages, the texts containing the words of the Holy Father, the magisterial texts and the documents of the Roman Congregations also in North American countries. The page that hosts the titles of the publisher is in English, has very simple graphics, intuitive navigation and easy access for all kinds of users. To date there are four sections: A way out of the pandemic, Religious Life, Bible and Fraternity. A feature worth highlighting is the possibility, for those who wish to do so, of sharing titles within the main social networks. The page and the selection of texts are still in the starting phase and more will be added to the titles already present. You will be able to access aer.io either by clicking on the dedicated button on the home page "For North-America" (1) or through the normal navigation of the site or during the consultation phase of the titles in language also present within the platform (2). Purchases on aer.io can only be made by those who are in North American countries.



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