"Amore fino in fondo" is a good book for World Reading Day!

Published : 04/22/2021 12:02:58
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"Amore fino in fondo" is a good book for World Reading Day!

23 April is World Book and Copyright Day, an opportunity to encourage reading! Within the Inspirations - Spirituality section there is a book we recommend because it talks about love, service and hope.

"Amore fino in fondo. Vita e spiritualità di Madeleine Delbrêl" is written by Raffale Di Muro, a priest of the Conventual Franciscan order. It is an agile and delicate text that delves into the figure and life of the mystic Madeleine Delbrêl. "Her notoriety was born above all thanks to her apostolate in the suburbs of Paris in the last century, in very difficult times for the working class, exploited and relegated to total poverty, and for the whole of humanity, due to the outbreak of the Second World War. She knew how to live in constant listening to the marginalised, making herself one of them. Her missionary activity took place "from within", because she lived on the periphery with all its sufferings and knew how to welcome the pain of the people who saw in her a light, a reference, a sister with the door of her house always open and with the Gospel well incarnated in her style" (p. 5).

At a time when Pope Francis speaks of the peripheries and of an outgoing Church, we meet this figure who, in particularly difficult times, lives these dimensions, offering a concrete testimony of how it is possible to live the Gospel in prohibitive conditions, how it is possible to give a smile where only despair seems to exist.

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