A collection about pope Luciani to deepen the work and the magisterium

Published : 10/23/2020 10:36:19
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A collection about pope Luciani to deepen the work and the magisterium

The Libreria Editrice Vaticana dedicates an ad hoc series to John Paul I and the studies on his work in collaboration with the Vatican John Paul I Foundation. The new collection of texts, born with the aim of deepening the figure and the magisterium of Pope Luciani, is opened by the reprint of the official biography John Paul I. Biography ex documentis signed by Stefania Falasca, Davide Fiocco and Mauro Velati and the re-edition of Pope Luciani. Chronicle of the death of Stefania Falasca.

"Giovanni Paolo I. Biografia ex documentis" (pg. 994; Euro 40,00) signed by Stefania Falasca, Davide Fiocco and Mauro Velati is the result of ten years of meticulous historical and archival research carried out thanks to the opening of the Cause of canonization of the Pope and directed by Stefania Falasca, vice-postulator of the Cause, who presents the entire biographical outline of Albino Luciani in a scientific way. The preface by Cardinal Beniamino Stella, Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and postulator of the Cause of Canonization of John Paul I, offers a precious focus on the contents of the volume and the methodology used. The postulator of the Cause writes: "It takes up volume IV of the Positio super vita, virtutibus et fama sanctitatis of the Pope of Belluno origins, a volume of over a thousand pages, which includes the biography ex documentis and the general bibliography" (pg. 5). These pages - underlines Cardinal Beniamino Stella - "constitute an attempt to restore completeness to a human, religious and cultural itinerary, bringing out the treasure of a sapiential dignity, that of a priest, bishop, patriarch and finally Successor of Peter and his biblical, patristic, dogmatic, moral, humanistic historical culture, that of an apostle of the Council whom he embodied naturaliter et simpliciter, uniting in a happy and brilliant synthesis nova et vetera" (pg. 11).

The second volume, signed by Stefania Falasca, is the re-edition of "Papa Luciani. Cronaca di una morte" (pg. 254; Euro 18,00), published in a first edition in 2017 after the closing of the Causa di canonizzazione. The volume opens with a preface by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of His Holiness. Cardinal Parolin traces the profile of John Paul I highlighting how "Albino Luciani, priest, bishop, patriarch and later Successor of Peter was and remains an essential point of reference in the history of the Italian and universal Church" (pg. 5). The research condensed in this book - writes the Secretary of State - which aims "to retrace the last hours of the Venetian Pontiff's life on the basis of the documentation acquired and the available oral sources, has been conducted according to historical-critical criteria, through documentary evidence and the dry and punctual comparison of witness evidence. In this way, the epilogue of Pope Luciani's life is shed light, those points left in limbo are finally clarified, amplified and misrepresented in the noir reconstructions and also by those who have denied the hypothesis of the conspiracy" (pg. 7). Stefania Falasca's work has been conducted on archival and documentary sources, the only ones that can allow an analytical excavation and a talk about John Paul I in scientific terms. Finally, it should be underlined "the value of the introductory pages of the book, which, before getting to the heart of the discussion on the last hours of Albino Luciani's life, briefly but effectively outline his figure. They are a useful vademecum for those who, interested in knowing the unpublished details about the death of Pope Luciani, know little about his life and his magisterium" (pg. 7).

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