A book to remember Father Jerzy Popiełuzko

Published : 10/19/2020 14:27:05
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A book to remember Father Jerzy Popiełuzko

On 19 October 1984 Father Jerzy Popiełuzko died. The life and works of Blessed Father Jerzy are contained in a volume published by LEV during 2019 entitled "La fede è libertà. La vita e il martirio di padre Jerzy Popiełuzko". The text is part of the Testimonies series and is intended for lovers of spirituality, social sciences, politics and lovers of recent history. The authors, Ewa K. Czaczkowska and Tomaz Wiścicki, retrace the biography of the blessed martyr, murdered because he had consistently, fearlessly and peacefully claimed the presence of evangelical values in social life: truth, respect for human dignity and rights.

Ewa K. Czaczkowska - essayist, director of the Department of Studies of the Museum of John Paul II and the Primate Wyszyński, professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. Author of best-selling books, including: Siostra Faustyna. Biography świętej (Sister Faustina. Biography of the saint).

Tomasz Wiścicki - essayist, journalist, lawyer and educational historian.

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