A book in memory of St. John Paul II

Published : 10/16/2020 08:02:50
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A book in memory of St. John Paul II

"I don't know if I can explain myself in your... Italian language. If I am wrong you will run me" is probably one of the most famous phrases in memory of John Paul II's election to the throne of Peter. A twenty-six year long Pontificate that can be retraced through a collection of famous writings and phrases - ranging from the day of his election, 16 October 1978, to the day he returned to the house of the Father, 2 April 2005 - contained in a small and agile volume entitled St. John Paul II. 100 Years. Words and images born on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of his birth.

The edition is also available in English, in coedition with the American publisher Paulist Press, and in Polish, in coedition with the publisher Wydawnictwo św. Stanislawa BM and under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to the Holy See and the Polish Institute in Rome. The selection of the texts of his homilies, his speeches, his magisterium was made by Giuseppe Merola while the evocative images of Vatican Media were selected by Miroslawa Lesner.

The Preface - "Grati nel ricordo di un Santo testimone" (pg. 3) - is signed by Pope Francis. In simple words and largely directed to the youngest, the Pontiff recalls the Magisterium and the person of St. John Paul II: a great witness of faith, a great man of prayer, a sure guide for the Church in times of great change. He retraces the most important moments of his rich pontificate and at the same time recalls the special bond he had with Mary, emphasizing those aspects of Pope Wojtyła's life and thought that should not be forgotten, as if he wanted to consign them to posterity. What "I would like to bring to the attention of readers," writes Pope Bergoglio, "is how much this Pope suffered in his life. His personal sufferings have been linked to those of his people and his nation, Poland. He was orphaned of his mother at an early age and lived through the tragedy of the death of his beloved brother and then of his father. When he entered the clandestine seminary in Krakow he lost all his closest relatives, he lived his total donation to God and his Church at a time when so many of his friends lost their lives during the war" (page 5). Suffering forged Pope Wojtyła from a young age, making his Christian faith even stronger and accompanied him throughout his pontificate. St John Paul suffered as Pope," recalls Francis, "suffered the terrible attack of 1981, offered his life, shed his blood for the Church, and testified to us that even in the difficult ordeal of illness, shared daily with the God made man and crucified for our salvation, we can remain happy, we can remain ourselves" (pg. 6).

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