ELOGIO DELLA PAZIENZA Quattro storie vere View larger
ELOGIO DELLA PAZIENZA Quattro storie vere

Data sheet

Year of publication2021
Pages nr.200
Book coverPaperback
Editorial seriesVita nello Spirito

ELOGIO DELLA PAZIENZA Quattro storie vere

Come or go, it is always true that it is never too much. Patience, like waiting, gives flavor to things. The pages of the book are centered "on four characters and their stories; they are, undoubtedly, "true" stories, in the sense that we give today to this word, since the available sources are undoubtedly first-rate also from the historical point of view; four stories, but not four different worlds: the first two protagonists are in fact mother and son (Monica and Augustine), while the others (Francis and Clare) appear to be indissolubly linked by the following of the poor Jesus, a journey along the ways of God in which one was a wise guide for the other, who on her own part recognized him as an undisputed point of reference, her greatest consolation - so she wrote in her Testament - after God. Four different itineraries, through which the protagonists had to learn on their own skin what it means to be patient, not to get tired, not to get rigid, not to deviate from one's objectives. Four stories that can teach so much to people like us, always in a hurry, always late, incapable of waiting even a minute longer, to whom it has been so difficult to get used to the forced quarantine that Covid-19 has imposed on us (and that has propitiated the writing of these pages)". (from the Introduction).

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