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Data sheet

Year of publication2021
Pages nr.216
Book coverPaperback
Editorial seriesTestimoni
Size14 x 21


Carlo Acutis

A new, expanded and updated edition of the biographical volume dedicated to Carlo Acutis, the fifteen year old boy "addicted" to the internet, Blessed from October 10, 2020. The volume - part of the series Testimoni - presents a new preface by Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò and a new introduction - updated to the current situation of the process in view of the Canonization.
The young Carlo died in 2006, after a childhood and adolescence transformed by the grace of God. From a young age he had the gift of entering into relationship with many people and was perceived as an example by his peers. He saw the web as a "vehicle for evangelization and catechesis" and he put his computer skills at the service of the Gospel and the Church by bringing Jesus, through the Internet and social networks, among his peers and among those who lived in contact with him. Among the cornerstones of his life: prayer, a sense of mission, love for the Virgin Mary and the daily Eucharist.
Thanks to the collaboration between LEV and VatiVision, on the back cover there is a QRcode that redirects to a web page from which it is possible to download the film on the life of Carlo Acutis "La Mia Autostrada per il Cielo" and other content dedicated to him.

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