Perché avete paura? Non avete ancora fede? View larger
Perché avete paura? Non avete ancora fede?

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Year of publication2021
Pages nr.160
Book coverPaperback

Perché avete paura? Non avete ancora fede?

On March 27, 2020, in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis gathered the entire world around him for an extraordinary moment of prayer. For weeks he had been pondering how to accompany those who had begun a dramatic "desert crossing" into isolation, into hospitals, into the fronts of the pandemic. That Friday afternoon, Francis asked the world to pause, to gather in prayer to seek, all together, in the word of the Lord, the meaning of what was happening and to plead for relief.

The powerful and dramatic images from the deserted square reached millions of people connected in all countries through TVs, phones and computers.

On the anniversary of that March 27 in which Pope Francis gave voice to the anguish and prayer of the faithful in a deserted St. Peter's Square, this book traces the stages of a journey marked by grief, but also by solidarity and hope. A journey that has revealed the Pontiff as a father and a guide for all, believers and non-believers alike. The pages collect the most evocative images of the Holy Father's liturgy together with the most significant excerpts from his prayers, homilies and messages with which he indicated the way to face suffering and build a better future, in the spirit of brotherhood.

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