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Year of publication2021
Pages nr.96
Book coverPaperback
Size15 x 23


This volume collects the verses of Stefania Falasca. This collection of poems spans three decades: from 1990 to 2021. In her creative moment and in her expressive process, the author makes history and human geography; she describes places and orders them in temporal succession and, as the title of her poetic book states, she establishes the stages of her journey as an observer of the world and of human beings and, from the innumerable testimonies, she chooses the extreme situations, the most apparently irredeemable, as well as the mildest, the farthest, the nearest, the most horizontal, the most vertical, in the journey of the soul, of her soul. With a Preface by Edith Bruck and an Introduction by Rino Caputo.